Political Science

Department Overview

The Department of Political Science since its establishment in 1997 has been actively engaged in teaching and research with focus on capacity building and knowledge creation and dissemination. The courses for Master’s and Ph.D. programmes abased on semester&choice based credit system (CBCS) have been designed in tune with national and international curriculum to meet the academic needs of the students and the researchers in consultation with internal as well as external subject experts and approved by the University Academic Council on recommendations of the Board of Post Graduate Studies and the School Board.

The department enrolls 50 students at M.A level in the beginning of every academic session and research scholars at Ph.D. level as per the UGC norms depending on availability of seats. The department offers various optional courses from where the students have freedom to choose the course(s) of their choice.

The percentage of pass students right since the beginning has been around 95-98% each year. The department of Political Science is also one of the leading departments where a sizeable number of students qualify for UGC- JRF and NET Exams every year. The research scholars are the recipient of various scholarship/fellowships granted by the UGC, ICSSR, Nagaland University and State Government of Nagaland. The quality teaching and research has enabled the students to have successful career in teaching, administration (Civil Services) and social sectors.



The Department envisages introducing and offering more optional courses under the UGC -Choice Based Credit System that would be both academically as well as socially relevant and would prepare the students and equip them with knowledge domain that would enable them to meet the challenges at local, regional, national and global levels.

The Department envisages on organizing seminars, conferences and workshops at regular basis for the benefit of students as well as the faculty members.


Research Activities & Thrust areas:

The research activities of the department relate primarily to offering Ph. D. programme in the emerging areas of research in political science in particular and social science in general.The department admits Ph.D. students in the beginning of the academic session on the basis of entrance test as well as viva voce examinations as per the UGC Regulation of 1st June 2009 and 2016.One semester Ph.D. course work offered by the Department is aimed at training the students in research methodology and acquainting them with emerging areas of research. The hallmark of the research activities has been its focus and thrust on interdisciplinary as well as multidisciplinary approach.

The thrust areas of teaching and research include institutions of governance, gender politics, electoral politics, foreign policy, government and politics in India and the Northeast as well as area studies such as South and South East Asia.


Centre for South East Asian Studies

The Department has received the Centre under the XII plan period and will be soon recruiting the teaching faculty for commencement of research activities. The centre is significant in view of India’s Look East/ Act East Policy.


Department Email:  hodpolsc@nagalanduniversity.ac.in

Department Contact No: 


Teaching Faculty:

The faculty members of the department are well qualified and are product of prestigious academic institutions of the country like Jawaharlal Nehru University, Jamia Millia Islamia University and North Eastern Hill University. They are actively engaged in teaching, research guidance as well as publications. The faculty members enrich themselves through Orientation Programmes, Refresher Courses and other Capacity Building Courses offered by the UGC and the ICSSR.

Name Designation University/Institution  from which degrees awarded Subject Specialization/Thrust Areas of Research Contact Details

Dr.Arun Kumar Singh

Professor M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D, JNU, New Delhi , UGC-JRF with NET India’s Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy of Major Powers, Area Studies.



Dr.H John Sema

Professor & HoD M.A, M.Phil., Ph.D, NEHU, Shillong, UGC-NET Theories of International Politics, InternationalRelations, Political Sociology, Local Institutions.




Dr. Moamenla Amer

Asst. Professor M.A, NEHU Shillong, Ph.D ,Nagaland University, UGC- NET Indian Politics, Marxist Political Theory, Indian Administration, North East Politics




Mrs. Monalisa Tase

Asst. Professor M.A, NEHU Shillong, (pursuing Ph.D from Dept. of Political Science,  Nagaland University) UGC- NET Contemporary Political Theory, Theories of Public Administration, Comparative Politics, North East Politics




Mr. Likhase Sangtam

Asst. professor M.A, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (pursuing Ph.D from Dept. of Political Science, Nagaland University)  UGC-NET Western Political Theory, Working of Parliamentary and Federal System in India, North East Politics





Ms. Neizhanuo Golmei

Asst. professor M.A, M.Phil, JNU, New Delhi, (pursuing Ph.D from Centre for Political Studies, JNU, New Delhi), UGC-JRF with  NET Western Political Theories, Public Administration, Urban Governance & Politics