The Department of Geography & Resource Management came into existence in the year 1997 as one of the Academic Departments of Nagaland University at headquarters, Lumami. The thin enrollment can be attributed to the limited number of colleges which offers Geography as a subject at the degree level. However, this Department is a rapidly progressing and has introduced applied courses on Natural Resources Management along with Geography using Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technology in the Post-Graduate programme under School of Sciences. Enough care is taken to include state/region related courses of the academic programme. The courses, especially those which have been revised recently is in tune with the Model Curriculum provided by the UGC.

Monthly Weather Data of Lumami (June 2015-June 2016)


Thrust Areas of Research and Development

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Disaster/Hazards Management
  • Integrated Watershed Management
  • Identification of Mountain Geomorphological Processes and their Monitoring
  • Study of Agricultural and Allied Sectors, Social, Cultural and Human Resource Development Management


Research and Development activities

The research and development programme of the Department can be broadly classified into two major categories.

(1) Research and development under Ph.D. Programme and

(2) Research and development activities under Research project proposals.


Research and Development under Ph.D. Programme:

The Ph.D. Programme was effectively started in the Department from the year 1998. Since then one scholar has been awarded Ph.D. Degree and some more scholars are currently working towards their Ph.D. Degree which are at various stages of their work. The focus of the Ph.D. research in the Department is in the field of Environment Sustainable Development, Resource Management and Integrated Watershed Management, etc. with particular emphasis on Nagaland.

Research and Development under Project Proposal:

The plan for research in the near future is to focus on natural resources management and development using Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technologies for spatial decision support system. Department is planning to establish GIS Centres in each district of Nagaland with the financial support from DST. The Department is also seeking to participate in National Integrated Mission for Resources Management and National Natural Resources Management of DOS, Govt. of India. The collaboration in research development with North-East space Application Centre will start soon.


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Teaching Staff:

Name Designation/Charge Educational Qualification Contact

Prof. T. Lanusosang

Prof Lanusosang

  • Pro VC-SASRD, Medziphema

  • Professor

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M.A (NEHU), M.Phil (JNU), Ph.D (Guwahati university)


Prof. Sangyu Yaden

Prof Sangyu

  • Professor and HoD

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M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D (NEHU)


Prof. M.S. Rawat

Prof MS Rawat

  • Professor

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M.A, Ph.D (Kumaun Univ.)

9612292496 / 9402440308

Prof. Lanusashi Longkumer

Prof Lanu

  • Professor

  • Dept. Library I/C

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M.A(DSE,DU), M.Phil, Ph.D(JNU)


Dr. Wangshimenla Jamir

Dr Wangshimenla

  • Assoc. Professor


  • Warden of 3 Womens’ Hostels (PG and RS

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M.Sc (NEHU), Ph.D (NU), Remote Sensing and GIS (IIRS, Dehradun)


Dr. Y.V. Krishnaiah

Dr Krishnaiah

  • Asst. Professor (on lien)

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M.Sc, Ph.D from Sri Krishnadevraya Univ., M.Phil(Edu) from M.K Univ.


Mr. Kedovikho Yhoshü

Dr Kedovikho

  • Asst. Professor

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M.Sc (Kumaun Univ.), 




Non-teaching Staff

1. Dr. Toiho Sema - Senior Technical Assistant

2. Dr. Brenda - Lab Assistant 

3. L. Achila - LDC

4. Meso Khiamniungan - Lab Assistant