Lumami Library


The Central Library, Nagaland University, Headquarters: Lumami was established in the year 1997. It covers an area of 1175 Square Meters. The library is spacious, reader friendly and adequately furnished.

Library Collection

  • No. of Books -14784
  • No. of Reference Books -2482
  • No. of Thesis -84
  • No. of Monographs -1858
  • No. of new books added -1648
  • No. of Journals subscribed -42
  • No. of Common Periodicals subscribed -19
  • No. of Newspapers subscribed -06
  • No. of Bound Journals -1226
  • No. E-Journals from UGC-INFONET -2600
  • No. E-Journals from DeLCON Consortium -899

(Access to these E-Journals are available through the Campus Area Network)

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LIBRARY FORMS (To be printed back to back) For Students (download) For Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff (download)


LIBRARY AUTOMATION: Software for University Libraries (SOUL 2.0) developed by INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad has been used for Library Automation. The Central Library has successfully implemented RFID automation (Radio Frequency Identification). The entire inventory control, check-in/check-out, stock reporting etc. is completely automated.

COMPUTERS: The Central Library, Lumami provides a limited number of computers with high speed internet access for users of the library. The library also provides Wi-Fi network for users of laptop and mobile devices.

REPROGRAPHY AND DIGITIZATION: The library provides reprography services and a digital scanning section is also maintained to digitize thesis and dissertation of the University.

CCTV: The Library is also equipped with CCTV system for added surveillance and security measures.

UPS: Uninterrupted Power Supply has been provided for smooth functioning of the library services.

Web-OPAC (available only from the campus network)